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A soothing set of four original essential-oils-infused aromatic shower steamers from our Soothe Collection, includes eight beloved botanical notes such as lemongrass, french lavender, bergamot and vetiver.

Designed for up to 12 soothing showers.




Upwrap the steamer. Place it at the corner in your shower floor where is exposed to light spray;


​Run hot water to get more steam, let it fizz;​


Avoid submerging to prolong use.​


For a clarifying boost​:


Rub it on palms or tab it on shower walls, hover palms above nose, breathe deeply​


Rinse hands & leftover residue when finished. ​




Store dry on a well-draining shelf for the next use.


  • Choose the dry place in your bathroom for the dispenser box, tear open tab.

    Pull out bottom-most piece, tear the seal and place the steamer on the shower floor or soap shelf, where the water can reach but not direct under heavy shower spray.

    Explore positioning in your first use until the desired strength is reached.

    Store steamer dry in between uses for longer lasting.

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